27th November 2020
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Parents of slain brothers seek help

Authors: Lasuba Memo | Lin Nelson | Published: Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Mary Adhel Aru, 55, speaks to Eye Radio’s Lin Nelson in Juba on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 | Credit | Lou Nelson/Eye Radio

The parents of the three brothers who were killed along Juba-Yei two years ago are pleading to well-wishers for financial support to meet their medical bills.

Their late sons – Deng Muor, 32, a medical doctor; Kon Muor, 30, an engineer; and Ayel Muor, 23 a higher school leaver – were kidnapped from Jebel-Dinka area and murdered in a cold blood in 2018.

Their bodies were found three hundred meters away from the protection of civilian sites at Jebel.

Mary Adhel Aru, 55, and her husband Muor Deng Kuac, 56, are apparently in their sick beds.

They have reportedly developed medical conditions from injuries they say were inflicted on them by their children’s assailants.

According to Adhel, she was diagnosed with cancer at a health facility in Juba in 2019.

Despite undergoing several surgeries, her situation has been worsening.

She said doctors in Juba have referred her to Khartoum for advance treatment:

“In 2019 it swelled again and the doctor said there was no way he could help…that I have to go to Khartoum,” she said.

Adhel’s husband was shot in the head and the back by the attackers.

“My sickness is that I was shot in the head and in the back. And right now, there swelling on my chest and on the back,” Muor Deng explained.

His medical report dated July 6, 2020, which he shared with Eye Radio, shows that Deng is suffering from Post-Traumatic complication as a result of the gunshot wounds.

“The doctor told us there are such services here in Juba. I’ve been referred to Cairo and my wife, to Khartoum,” he told Eye Radio. “But now there is no financial support for us to go for treatment.”

Adhel and her husband require $70,000 for their treatment.

They have abandoned their home after the killing of their sons.

“We abandoned that home where my children were kidnapped from, because of the memories,” she added.

Following the killing of their three sons, four suspects were arrested from the protection of the Civilians site with the help of the UN peacekeeping mission.

They have been identified as Tito Gatjang Chol, Samuel Male Riek, Stephen Tang Both, and Dickson Gatjang Riek.

Both parents are concerned about the delay to prosecute the suspects. They have been calling for a speedy judicial process over the matter.

When contacted for a comment, the police spokesperson, Maj.-Gen. Daniel Justin, says all the suspects are in jail, except one who escaped.

Justin added that the police have been working with UNMISS to recapture the escapee and will give details of the matter later on Wednesday.

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