8th April 2020
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IDPs accuse gov’t, aid agencies of negligence

Author: Emmanuel J. Akile | Published: Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Eye radio reporter, Emmanuel J. Akile interviewing an IDP at the Mangateen IDP camp Juba. 02/09/2019 [Eye Radio photo]

Internally Displaced Persons at Mangateen IDP camp in Juba have accused both the government and humanitarian agencies of neglecting them.
The 8,000 IDPs have been sheltering at the camp since last year, after they were relocated there from UNMISS P.O.C 3 due to communal conflict inside the UN protection site in Juba.

They say they are lacking basic humanitarian needs, including food, water, medicines and shelter. They say most of them defecate in the open because the pit latrines are full and have been closed down.

This, according to the IDPs, is posing risk to their health. They are calling on the government and humanitarian agencies to intervene.

The IDPs shared their concerns with Eye Radio in an exclusive interview yesterday.

“We are lacking water, we have a borehole and it is no longer working because it has broken down. So people are just depending on the water that they collect from the roofs whenever there is rain,” said a mother.

“We are suffering here, the place is dirty, the toilets are full and they are closed because the sewage is full. Nobody is helping us here.

Another IDP named Peter (not real name) stated that he felt “oppressed”.

“I have nowhere to defecate, no food, no water I need shelter,” Peter described his ordeal.

“Our situation is very bad here, we are hungry, we are thirsty, and we are dying because of thirst. Our children have no water to drink, we South Sudanese at Mangaten here we are not happy with this situation,” he added.

Both the government and humanitarian agencies are yet to comment on the matter.

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