20th October 2020
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Ukel accuses Mayen of political harassment

Author: Elsheikh Chol | Published: Thursday, June 25, 2020

Joseph Ukel [left] in a past function | Credit | BRAC

A renowned politician has accused the leader of the Other Political Parties of intimidation and political harassment due to his purported relations with President Kiir.

Joseph Ukel Abango says Peter Mayen has narrowed space for criticism among members of the opposition coalition.

Ukel represents the United Sudan African Party or USAP, while Mayen leads the People’s Liberation Movement under the Umbrella Political Parties.

Together with ANC, UDP, UDSF, National Alliance, they form the Other Political Parties or OPP, in the revitalized peace agreement.

Ukel claims that Mayen has taken over the sole responsibility of appointing OPP officials into the government without consulting the other leaders.

He says Mayen is using his alleged blood relations with the President to impose his decisions within OPP.

“He has been threatening that he is a family member of President Salva Kiir Mayardit and any OPP leader who questions the roles assigned to him by the President shall be dealt with politically and security-wise,” writes Ukel in a statement.

“We, the elderly leaders of the OPP, had initially ignored this claim which unfortunately was admitted by the President.”

In response, Peter Mayen refuted Ukel’s allegations, describing them as “propaganda.”

“These allegations of threat are not true. Why should I threaten people when I can debate and to negotiate with anybody in this South Sudan?” Mayen stated.

“Why should I threaten you? If you think you have a genuine agenda, present it on the table, call me to Eye Radio or call me anywhere. Let’s have a public debate rather than the propaganda of writing letters on people’s names.”

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