15th October 2019
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New central bank policy encourages whistle-blowing

Author: Garang Abraham | Published: 3 months ago

Central Bank Governor Dier tong | Credit | Emmanuel Akile/Eye Radio

The Bank of South Sudan has introduced a whistle-blowing policy that allows its employees to freely report malpractices in the bank to the management.

This comes amidst allegations that some central bank employees are involved in malpractices.

The governor of the central Bank of South Sudan, Dier Tong, believes that the policy will help the bank track down corrupt bank employees.

“We are now going to protect our staff so that they can report malpractices,” Tong told reporters at the weekend.

“When we find out from our employee reports of wrongdoing being carried out by a certain staff, then after we will apply the rules that we have here.

“If somebody is committing [serious] crime, the case can go beyond the bank – to the court.”

In 2016, some central bank workers were among the 16 people who were sentenced to life in prison for their role in the loss of 14 million U.S dollars and another 30 million South Sudanese Pounds in the Office of the President.

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