3rd June 2020
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Revenue Authority boss denies corruption allegations against him

Author: Kelly Abale | Published: Sunday, May 19, 2019

File: Former South Sudan National Revenue Authority Commissioner General, Dr. Olympio Attipoe

The Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority has denied allegations of opening an external private account and transferring government funds into it.

According to Dr. Olympio Attipeo, it has been alleged that he travelled to Mombasa recently where he opened his personal account in order to embezzle public money.

He said those spreading such unfounded claims are people resisting his reform agenda within the Revenue Authority.

Last year, the authority under Dr. Attipoe, embarked on redefining roles within the various departments of the institution in order to streamline its activities.

It also signed an agreement with eight commercial banks to operate a single account for non-oil revenues.

But there have been reports of senior officers opposed to the new changes of regulating public funds, although the measures are meant to improve revenue collection and tighten spillage.

Since the inception of the government in 2005, senior government officials have been accused of pocketing non-oil revenues by wiring money into individual accounts.

Some tax officials were also accused of conspiring with certain commercial bank operators to divert tax revenue into private accounts.

In February, Dr. Attipoe threatened to name and shame government and bank officials who are still opposed to the single treasury account idea.

Addressing a press conference in Juba on Friday, Attipoe said he has seen documents being circulated around -implicating him in a corruption allegation.

“Some have even a fake document circulating that the Commissioner General opened a private account in Mombasa to steal government money. I’m from Ghana, if I want to steal government money, I couldn’t open it here, but travel all the way to Mombasa before it can be transferred to Ghana, walai?” he wondered.

Dr. Attipoe further said those accusing him of fraud are people resisting the drastic reforms permitted by President Salva Kiir to improve non-oil revenue collection.

“I always say that those who think they are undermining me are wasting their time. You are undermining the vision of the President of this country,” he said.

The Treasury Single Account instituted last year is a Public Accounting System whereby government receipts, revenues, and income are collected into one single account.

The Commissioner General said his efforts and intentions for a clean, transparent and professional revenue authority will not be detered by mere allegations.

“This is just one of the deliberate misinformation by certain individuals who want to undermine this process and undermine the President,” Attipoe stated.

Since taking over, Dr. Olympio Attipeo has publicly announced the collection of over 2.2 billion South Sudanese Pounds and 13.8 million dollars in just January and February alone.

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