23rd April 2021
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Kiir appoints 45 government officials for Unity State

Author: Daniel Danis | Published: Monday, February 22, 2021

President Salva Kiir appointed State Advisors, Ministers, County Commissioners, and Members of State Independent Commissions.

President Salva Kiir has issued a decree appointing constitutional post-holders for Unity State.

Those appointed from various parties to the revitalized peace deal will assist governor Joseph Nguen Monytuil in implementing the revitalized peace deal at the local government levels.

In the decree issued Monday evening, President Kiir reconstituted and appointed 5 State Advisors, 17 State Ministers, 16 Members of State Independent Commissions, and 7 County Commissioners of the oil-rich state of Greater Upper Nile region.

The appointees are representatives of the main SPLM party of the former Interim Transitional Government of National Unity, South Sudan Opposition Alliance, SPLM-IO, Other Political Parties, and the National Agenda, a partner to the former Interim Transitional Government of National Unity.

They are as follows:

State Ministers

  1. Dak Kuoch Manykuer -Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement – SPLM-ITGoNU
  2. James Madut Ruai Wec – Minister of Peacebuilding – SPLM-ITGoNU
  3. Tebuom Jany Rial – Minister of Parliamentary and Legal Affairs – SPLM-ITGoNU
  4. Gabriel Hon Makuei – Minister of Information and Communication – SPLM-ITGoNU
  5. David Gai Gejuar Ngueny – Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports – SPLM-ITGoNU
  6. Malual Tap Dhieu – Minister of Finance, Planning and Investment – SPLM-ITGoNU
  7. Rebecca Francis Geu -Minister of Cooperatives and Rural Development – SPLM-ITGoNU
  8. Lam Tungwar Kueijong – Minister of Housing, Land and Public Utilities – SPLM-ITGoNU
  9. Habiba Luk Gatluak Thon -Minister of Roads and Bridges – SPLM-ITGoNU
  10. Rose Nyaboth Toch -Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare – SPLM-ITGoNU
  11. Anthony Kuoc Lach – Minister of Trade and Industry – SPLM-IO
  12. Gatluak Tutdiel Teny -Minister of Cabinet Affairs – SPLM-IO
  13. Stephen Tot Chieng – Minister of General Education and Instruction – SPLM-IO
  14. James Tungwar Ruac Dhieu -Minister of Animal Resources, Fisheries and Tourism – SPLM-IO
  15. Nyakuma Abdallah Gai Tuop – Minister of Labor, Public Service and Human Resource Development – SPLM-IO
  16. James Gai Gatduel -Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries – SSOA
  17. Lam Moses Giel Chang – Minister of Health – OPP

County Commissioners

  1. James Chol Gatluak Maneme – Commissioner of Mayom County – SPLM-ITGoNU
  2. Kawai Chany Bol – Commissioner of Guit County – SPLM-ITGoNU
  3. Gordon Kong Biel – Commissioner of Koch County – SPLM-ITGoNU
  4. Stephen Taker Riak – Commissioner of Leer County – SPLM-ITGoNU
  5. William Gatjiet Mabor-wan – Commissioner of Panyijar County – SPLM-ITGoNU
  6. Gatluak Wecar Nyak -Commissioner of Rubkona County – SPLM-IO
  7. Gatluak Nyang Hoth Nyuol – Commissioner of Mayendit County – SSOA

State Advisors

  1. Stephen Salaam Maluit – Advisor on Peace and Security – SPLM-ITGoNU
  2. Saman Doctor Chotyier – Advisor on Legal Affairs – SPLM-ITGoNU
  3. Abraham Dak Rual – Advisor on Human Rights – National Agenda-ITGoNU
  4. Joseph Nhial Ruach – Advisor on Gender and Social Welfare – SPLM-IO
  5. Tut Gatjuol Kom Dak -Advisor on Economic Affairs – SSOA

State Independent Commissions

Anti-corruption Commission

  1. Simon Peter Bichok – Deputy Chairperson of Anti-corruption Commission – SPLM-ITGoNU
  2. Isaac Tut Jienkany – Member, Anti-corruption Commission – SPLM-ITGoNU
  3. Muot Mabor Chuoth – Member, Anti-corruption Commission – National Agenda-ITGoNU
  4. Nyador Bapiny Monychuil – Member, Anti-corruption Commission – SSOA

Employees Justice Chamber

  1. Francis Duoth Dhieu – Deputy Chairperson of Employees Justice Chamber – SPLM-ITGoNU
  2. Elizabeth Nyakuek Kuang – Member, Employees Justice Chamber – SPLM-ITGoNU
  3. Balata Geng Chiek – Member, Employees Justice Chamber – SPLM-ITGoNU
  4. Thomas Wel Jany Rieny – Member, Employees Justice Chamber – SPLM-IO
  5. Dak Gatduang Kuoc Weyjang – Chairperson of Employees Justice Chamber – SSOA

HIV/AIDs Commission

  1. Kang Kornyot Gatluak – Deputy Chairperson of HIV/AIDs Commission – SPLM-ITGoNU
  2. Halima Khamis El-Nur – Member, HIV/AIDs Commission – SPLM-ITGoNU
  3. Nuorina Jagei Mut – Member, HIV/AIDs Commission – SPLM-ITGoNU
  4. Marko Nhial Kam Both – Chairperson of HIV/AIDs Commission – SPLM-IO
  5. Nyapina Tut-Ker – Member, HIV/AIDs Commission – SSOA

Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Commission

  1. Thor Jal-Bap – Member, Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Commission – SPLM-ITGoNU
  2. Nyajuba Manasa Ojol – Member, Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Commission – SPLM-ITGoNU


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