4th August 2020
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Officials are diverting non-oil revenues – Onyoti

Author: Kelly Abale | Published: Tuesday, July 7, 2020

VP James Wani Igga and other officials arrive for inauguration of the One-Stop Border Post at Nimule on Thursday, Feb 6, 2020. This border is said to generate a big percentage of non-oil revenues | Credit | Okot Emmanuel

The Chairperson of the Economic Cluster subcommittee has called for thorough investigation into non-oil revenue that he says is being diverted into individual accounts

The non-oil revenues are by law wired into the account of the National Revenue Authority.

Established in 2018, the Revenue Authority is mandated to assess, collect, administrate and enforce laws relating to taxation and revenues.

The funds are collected through various taxes.

Onyoti Adigo, who heads the cabinet-level subcommittee, believes that import taxes among others are still being channeled into private bank accounts.

“Some accounts are being operated by customs officials themselves, not under the ministry of finance,” Adigo said, citing a preliminary investigation by the committee.

“So it’s a very serious situation which needs the government to be serious about, because it seems that little money is going to the government and huge money is going to individual accounts.”

Adigo – who was speaking during a visit to Nimule, the South Sudan major border crossing point – wants to know the people behind the illegal bank accounts amassing public wealth.

After the removal of Dr. Olympio Attipoe as the commissioner-general of the NRA, his successor Erjok Bullen, stopped the announcement of monthly collections.

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As a result, little or nothing is know about monthly collections.

Besides, an investigative report by Eye Radio showed that the institution also immediately suspiciously started transferring some money.

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